I’m On My Way…I’m Making It!

Wow – a week from now, I will be inflight and bound for my Zumba Gold Instructor class!  I have a giant mix of excitement and nerves.  I love Zumba Fitness and all that it has given me over the past 6 months of working, working, working.  I can’t wait for this next step. 

I just got the overview of the training in my email this morning, and it seems even more real. 

I am so excited to learn about the actual core steps and science of Zumba, and about modifications from the high intensity workouts.  I’m still nervous about the whole process of certification – what if I am not good enough?  Please don’t judge me by my size – I’ve been at this solidly and really want it.  The people around me in class are so behind me it’s great.  I know that there are things I can do really well, and things that I still need to work on.  I’m not bound for Dancing with the Stars of So You Think You Can Dance anytime soon, but as my instructor reminded some of us looking towards training…It’s dance fitness, not just dance. 

I’m sure it will be phenomenal, and that I will do the very best I can.  I just have to remember to smile, take it all in, talk with people down there.  What totally makes the classes work for me here can happen there too – music, community, hard work, awesome people and a lot of fun!

Thanks Prilosec for helping me to take that next Samba step!

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