Golden Girl!

So last weekend I travelled to Florida for my class in Zumba Gold!  I had travelled here because the instructor for the class came with great praise and recommendation from several I love and trust, and it was so worth the trip.

First off – I left Vermont in an unually cold snap.  I hopped on my plane and was clicking through some channels and got to see the new Zumba ad.  Some familiar faces in there now.  Some I hope to meet as I work on learning more and bettering my own fitness and learning how best to teach/motivate others.

I arrived in the Ft. Lauderdale/Hollywood Airport six hours later to  88 degree heat and 87% humidity!  Baby it’s was certainly NOT cold outside. 

I spent Friday afternoon enjoying the pool, cranking the AC in the room and having some fresh shrip and key lime.  Later I went across the beach and over to hang out by the ocean.  It was still hot and humid, but the breeze coming off the ocean felt great after a quick dip. 

Nerves were kicking in and the reality of it was sinking in like my feet on the beach.  I remembered the first classes I took hanging in the back corner hoping and praying that NO ONE would see me.  I was having some of those same fears here – would people jusge me based on my size or my heart?  I certainly don’t look the part of instructor.  But this is something that has changed me forever.  I’m happier, healthier, and loving life a whole lot more since starting.  Weight loss is great – but it’s almost a fringe benefit to some of the other things.

I made an early night of it, and set the alarm for bright and early.  Well – really, dark and early.  I wanted to see the sunrise on the ocean.   I knew that would be another way to calm myself, and remember the strength of support and self that I have. 

Saturday morning it was just me and the guy doing yoga on the beach as the sun rose.  It was quiet except the whoosh of the waves.  I thought about all the folks who had supported me along the way and the emails I’d gotten.

I’ll write more about the class soon -but I’ll just say for now – I have my license in hand and I am Zumba Gold eager.  I can’t wait to find ways to use it in the community.

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