Martial Arts Musings

After a hiatus lasting a more than a decade, I returned to taekwon-do training after watching a friend’s children in class. I currently train with Master Leonard Yordan of Yordan’s Black Belt Academy.

When I started training with Master Yordan, I was faced with a choice — return to training as a red stripe or start over. While I remembered much of the terminology and which kick was which, I had forgotten the patterns I had learned and their definitions. I returned as a white belt, needing to relearn the basics. I’ve made it back to green and am committed to making it to black belt this time.

Much of the writing on this site is from when I was training at KOJO Academy of Taekwon-do. Master Barrett and Miss Perron were wonderful instructors who knew that the best way to keep me going was to balance the physical training with the intellectual. Over my time there, I wrote a series of essays on the student oath, the tenets of taekwon-do and some random reflections on training.

Several of these pieces have been published in Taekwon-do Times magazine. I am proud to say that the first piece was published while I was a green belt! Another piece was run as a guest editorial. I have resumed freelancing for them as of Spring 2015.

I don’t mind it people use these in their schools or reference them. Link to them if you want. If you don’t mind, let me know how you found me, and how you are using them.

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