Live Free and Zumba

I am still beaming from a conference held earlier this week and it’s feeding my soul tonight as I sit here in New Hampshire.  Vermont Works for Women held it’s 12th annual Women Can Do! conference this Wednesday.  Over 300 young women from across Vermont came together for a day to explore careers that are not considered traditional for women.  To see a high school girl teaching how to use a chain saw…girls using plasma cutters…fixing bikes…changing tires…driving major machinery was such an amazing day.  The sentiment really permeated the air – girls and women really can do anything that they set their mind to.

Tonight, three of friends from Vermont have made the trek to Manchester, NH and will be joined by a fourth in the morning for Zumba instructor training.  Of the four of us, I’m the only one that has done one of the classes previously (Zumba Gold).  I’m just as nervous tonight as I was that night in June. 

The only difference – tonight I know it is just nerves.  In June it was a deep seated fear.  What if I’m not good enough?  You’ve already done it, chimes my brain.  But I can’t do the destroza like Lori.    And? 

I have to remember that this is just another step along the way.  It doesn’t mean I become a master in a day.  That I’m going to rush out and open a studio.  It’s another piece of becoming better at something I love and understanding it (and me) just that much more.

Tomorrow I take Zumba Basic I…and it will be another challenging day physically and emotionally.  But this time, I have something I didn’t in June.  A lot more pride and confidence, and friends who will be there with me.

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