Break the Chains?

So many things in my life seem to have come together in a transformational conflagration. All coming together to shine a bright, unyielding, demanding light on my life.

This morning I had what may prove to be an extremely journey changing discussion with my therapist. Hard as hell on a personal and spiritual level. To see the same issue spanning high school, college, work, relationships, my marriage…

I saw things in a new light… And now, hours later, am still feeling them.

I need to learn the following, and more than learn… Believe.

  • It’s okay to say no.
  • That for all the world, in many ways I do feel I am what I do, not who I am. I need to switch that.
  • That I have learned far too well how to turn the pain off… And experience it later, at a time of my choosing.
  • that despite all the things people tell me I do well, or where they say I’ve inspired them – I find I dismiss or turn them off.
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