Starting the next steps of the ZUMBA Fitness Journey!

So…about a year ago this time, I was quaking in my winter boots and preparing to celebrate my 40th birthday.  Not with friends or family, but mostly – with a jam packed weekend for of fitness nuts at the local spa.  3 days of Zumba.  What WAS I thinking?  I couldn’t even make it through an hour long class!  A two hour master class?  Strip Hop?  Aqua Zumba?  Was I nuts?

Fast forward a few months – and I’ve fallen madly in love with the people in classes, made new friends, and want to learn the modifications and underpinnings of Zumba.  Thanks to Prilosec’s Official Sponsor of Everything You Want to Be grants, I got licensed in Zumba Gold.

I started learning what goes into a good routine…a good class…a good instructor.  It’s not just about dance, it’s not just about fitness.  There are so many more aspects to being a GOOD Zumba instructor.

I’ve created a few routines of my own, and brought them to local Zumbathons raising money for various non-profits. 

And I want to keep challenging myself to grow and learn and teach in this.  Not necessarily as a premanent instructor in a gym, tho.  Maybe subbing for someone on vacation…maybe just songs here and there in a class.  I’ve just completed my background check information and will actually start some classes locally, hopefully this spring.  I need to do additional training to work in the facility, need to do my first aid and CPR…and most importantly, need to work on creating that first set list and getting it down. 

The nerves are kicking in and I’m really excited about trying this.  I’m crossing my work and personal worlds.  In my day-to-day life, I work for Vermont Works for Women, who offer programming inside the Northwest State Correctional Facility.  By night I am a crazy ZUMBA Fitness fanatic. 

This is my chance to pay the Prilosec grant forward. I think it could be great for me, and for the women I’d be working with.  I want to do it well, I want to be able to hold my head high and know that I’ve made me and all the others along the road with me proud. 

The hardest part will not be the choreography, nor learning the music.  I know my challenges – my body and my mind.  Need to work on bringing the best me I can.  To acknowledge the voice in my head that still says, “You’re fat – you can’t do this” and tell it basically – STFU and watch me.  To bring not my size by my joy to the room.  To bring my fear, but more importantly, my heart to the table and DANCE like no one is watching. 

Here’s to the next year and the continuing journey ahead.

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