Tomorrow is the Big Day!

So this weekend is crazy, crazy fun – and packed with wall to wall excitement. 

Tomorrow morning, I will be leading two songs in the Zumbathon for a local now-profit working with area teens.  I’ve lead one song in a class with choreography I created, but never a group this size.  Tomorrow it’s two songs, both with my own choreo.  I have to keep reminding myself things like it’s dance FITNESS, not “So You Think You Can Dance”  that it’s okay to not be (Allison, Tori, Angel, Maribeth, Bridget, Shannon, Lori, Jess, Meesh or any other Zumba instructor), that  this is not about who’s best…but about doing my best.  Oh yeah – and breathe.  Remember to breathe.  Repeatedly. 

I’ve been working hard with some local folks on creating these two pieces, learning them and getting to where I think I can lead others.  I’m nervous as heck, excited, and in some ways, proud.  It’s been quite the journey to get here…and I know that there is much more ahead!

I think back to a couple of years ago when my husband and I were on a cruise and I made him go up to the salsa instructor as I was to ashamed to dance even in front of strangers…to when we had to drive to Montreal to go dancing cuz I didn’t want anyone I knew locally to see me dance.  Okay – I know that I am NOT Baryshnikov, Bill T. Jones, or even Susan O’kane….and that’s all right.

After the Zumbathon and a quick shower, it’s off to a wedding for photography.  Sunday?  It’s time to get up bright and early and travel south to Worcester, Mass.  Someone who teaches Zumba who I’ve never met, but would so consider a mentor on my journey is going to be teaching a class about 4 hours away.  I have to go take this class, meet her and thank her for the inspiration and knowledge I’ve gotten from her so far. 

It’s not often I am star-struck.  I’ve done rock and roll photography over the years and always have said, “They put on their pants the same way I do…” That’s why I have some awaming shots I’ve taken of performers…and none with me and them together.

And yet somehow, this is different.  While I enjoy the rock and roll – this woman is someone who totally inspires me (and many, many others….)…More over the weekend! 

Photos and video to follow!

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