Zumbathons and Demos

Lee and Staci 

This past weekend brought a series of fun-filled fundraising events for me.  First I went north to Saint Albans for a Zumbathon to raise funds for a student scholarship for a high schooler looking to enter the field of education and teaching.  The scholarship was created in memory of a local school teacher who was shot a few years ago.  Her family was all there, strutting their Zumba pride throughout the morning and finally to a Zorba number.  The event raised over $2600 for the scholarship. 

My Aunt Lee joined me there, her first experience with Zumba, and she seemed to have a ball!  It was great to see someone fall in love as I had with the music and the people there.

The next day there was a series of dragon boat races happening out on Lake Champlain where funds were going to Camp Ta-Kum-Ta, a camp for children diagnosed with cancer.  A couple of friends from a local Zumba fitness class were paddlers in a Dragonboat and had done some serious fundraising to be there.  I went with a band of students and our instructor, Allison, where we did a 15 minute demo for the athletes, their friends and family.


I love being able to give back to the community through this group – for all that Zumba has opened up for me.  It’s a chance to share the joy, passion and support I feel each time I go to class or get to help out with a song. 

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