Dancing Queen

So I’ll admit – i got that license and had a series of fear-filled moments.  Who am I to teach Zumba – I’m not a dance instructor…I’m certainly not the picture of perfect fitness.  And I let it derail me briefly.  Yup – you know that feeling I’m sure.  I let my fear stop me.  And with the stopping – all the old tapes in my head came roaring back.  “You’re not good enough.”  “You’re fat.”  “You can’t do THAT!”

Well – thank goodness for friends and family reminding me the sheer joy that Zumba has brought into my world.  I’ve started back to classes regularly.  I’m trying to step up (all puns intended there!) my game and work harder. 

I’ve started to work on learning choreography, not just dancing in class, but understanding the next step.  In a couple of weeks I am going to go watch a fellow instructor and friend who is also an instructor and her Zumba Gold class for a senior center. 

I think that is something I’d like to try to learn to do.  From what I have heard the joy of the classes faces is contagious and I would love to be able to give even an ounce of the joy and friendship I’ve gotten from this adventure so far. 

Meanwhile, I’m still rocking out in my classes as much as I can! 

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